The 2014 festival schedule:

  • Rio Tinto – Vancouver, June 20-22 (Results below)
  • Harrison, July 26 (one day festival)
  • Kamloops, August 9 (one day festival)
  • Vernon, August 16 (one day festival)
  • Penticton, September 5-7

Festival Results:


Harrison – Women’s Team

Harrison - Womens Results 2014

Harrison – Mixed Team

Harrison - Mixed Results 2014

Rio Tinto – Women’s Team

Rio Tinto 2014 - Womens Results

Rio Tinto – Mixed Team

Rio Tinto 2014 - Mixed Results

Past festivals: 2013

  • Nanaimo   July 5-7
  • Kelowna July 27, 28th
  • Vernon Aug 17th (one day festival)
  • Penticton Festival Sept 7-8

Festival Protocol For those that have never been to a festival before, they’re extremely fun.  There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline shot your body gets when the starter’s horn goes off.  Just over two minutes later you’re 500 meters down the course heading for the finish line.  It’s awesome. To properly get prepared for a festival, we ask that you sign up on the sheet posted on the clubhouse.  Each festival will have a nominal fee associated with it, generally in the neighborhood of $25 per person.  We ask that you pay that fee at the time you put your name forward.  This fee helps defray some of the costs associated with the entry fee and our coaching costs. On the day of the festival you’ll be expected to be at the race by sometime around 8 AM (or even earlier) as we won’t know for sure what time our first race will be.  You’ll have to consider this when you’re thinking about when to go to the race; stay in a hotel the night before or arrive the day of.  You’re call.  For multi-day races we’ll negotiate a rate at a local hotel.  Most paddlers share rooms to make it more affordable.  How many people you put into a room is up to you. At most festivals we’ll get between 3 to 4 races over the length of the festival.  The coaches set the teams and will place you into a specific spot in the boat.  Please do not change spots if you can avoid it. The team brings tents and a table.  We ask that each participant bring a food item to share with the group, something relatively healthy.  For multi-day festivals, we ask that you bring food on each day.  This food is then out on the table for everyone to enjoy. Ideally you’ll have your own PFD and paddle to bring to the race but if you don’t, the race officials will have some there available for you.  However, sometimes these are in short supply so you may want to bring your own.  You can not bring KDBC paddles or PFDs to a race as we’ve had numerous items go missing in the past. Please bring your own chair, reading material, sunscreen, extra clothes, lots of drinking water and of course some money as most festivals have a wide array of vendors from food to festival merchandise.  Some of the multi-day festivals will have events such as dinners or dances that we can participate in and of course, don’t forget the beer garden.  Festivals are a great way to get to know your team mates better and to make friends with people from other areas of BC and beyond.